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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 12, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> next, live coverage of the
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all of the fires are even out. right now crews crews crews are demolishing the building destroyed by the massive fire in san francisco. >> while many residents are being let back in their homes, dozens of people are still in the cold tonight. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. leslie brinkley is live in the district with the big demolition job. >> well, there is still tonight smoke and still fire. cries are working on this. crews are working on this. this is essentially a nine-story building reduced to three stories of smoldering rubble. crews made tremendous progress late in the day with serious
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demolition work. >> the flicker of flame in the window was a hidden pocket of fire buried in this apartment building's rubble. lots of these hot pockets came to life as crews ripped into the fragile, scorched walls and forced the structure to collapse in on itself. >> they started moving around those piles and it flared up. did makes it easier for us. when the buildings started collapsing the building material was stuck under the roof. we can't get it from above because the water is just not penetrating it. with the work they are doing they are opening up holes and we can get our water directly where the fire is burning. >> here is a look at the unstable structure on wednesday afternoon and the progress demolition crews made as they tore down those walls to protect the neighboring apartment buildings. they never got to go inside. it was simply too dangerous. they took pictures from their
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perch on a ladder truck to zero in on a cause. welders were working on on a portion on tuesday before the inferno erupted. there was no sprinkler or fire suppression system. that is something they may start requiring on construction projects in the future. arcs of water, millions of gallons flowing into the night more than 24 hours after it began. >> it won't be under control until we put it all out. >> fire crews will be out here throughout the night and into the morning hours trying to get the fire out. once it is, demolition and construction crews will meet and discuss and come up with a way to remove all of the debris somehow. leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> that is a big job. more than half of the firefighters in san francisco responded to yesterday's blaze and they, woulded around the clock. it is more than a day after
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the fire started and making sure there are no more hotspots. yesterday was so hot and dangerous, the crews were ordered to get away from the billing -- the building quickly. >> i was hoping it won't -- it wouldn't be the huge monster. >> the flames started coming out of all of the windows and the black smoke was pouring out everywhere. >> it was enough for me to turn my head down to try to help my helmet shield me from the heat. >> both are expected to recover fully. >> as crews concentrate on the demolition, some residents are being allowed back into their apartments. our team coverage continues with ama dates and a look inside one of the neighboring buildings that sustained damage from the fire. ama? >> the apartment complex you see here was at mission bay and evacuated because of the fire. residents were allowed back inside, but not everyone was allowed to stay.
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this is what the fire scene looked like from the window across the street. she shot the video when she came home to grab more belongings. >> the fire is still going in places. >> at first she thought they were spraying water as a precaution. >> you can see white smoke coming up and then sometimes i saw flames shooting out jie. part of her bike melted from the heat of the fire. and there are cracks in some of her windows. most of the damage was in the hallways where the fire crews came through. >> it is like they walked through with pick axes. a couple of doors there is a complete hole in the door. >> she is looking for another place to stay. residents who don't live on the fire side of the building are able to stay despite the debris. >> lots of glass and lots of water. elevators are closed. stair access and all of the
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above. >> he moved here from canada 10 days ago. he took this photo from the -- of the front door. you can see more damage to the outside of the apart meant building. there is no comparing it to the building that went up in flames. a fire so spectacular that she had to come and see for herself. >> i knew it was my building right away. >> a building she said was simply gorgeous. >> we continue to follow this story on air and on-line. it continues on abc7 news bay area. and new details about physical evidence in the case of a san jose police officer accused of rape. dna was found on the bullet proof vest of jeffrey graves. he is accused of attacking a woman he was helping during a do domestic violence call. a teenager was hurt after he was struck by a car.
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the boy was in the rock -- was in the crosswalk when he was struck. he stopped, but was cited to failing to yield to the pedestrian. this is the third person hit by a car this week in san francisco. we have new details in the case of the girl declared brain dead. they find no fault in how the hospital handled her injuries. this finds the hospital complied with medical regulatory standards. she was declared brain dead after operations to treat sleep apnea. they wanted to keep her on a ventilator and feeding tube. they moved her in january. strong gusts up to 50 miles per hour in some spots forced a flight pattern change. some rough seas canceled trips
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to alcatraz. and the water smashed against rocks. here is a live look from our roof cam and you can see the winds have died down. sand yaw patel is here with -- sandhya patel is here with the latest conditions. >> winds are at a stand still up here on the roof. it is quieter compared to 24 hours ago when the winds are loud. let's check out live doppler 7hd and let's see how strong the winds were. the skies are clear across the bay area. the visibility is unlimited. as we look at the current wind conditions, notice spots are calm right now. the strongest winds are gusting to 13 miles an hour. the oakland hills measured winds up to 50 miles an hour. 46 in san pablo. over 40 meal an hour winds in fairfield and sfo.
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the wind direction brought us record warmth. it was 78 in monterey and that was also a record tied for the day. 76 in santa rosa and 77 san jose. 74 in livermore and 73 in san francisco. i'll be back with a forecast that includes not only some near record warmth again, but also the possibility of some wet weather. you are not hearing things. back with the details. dan? >> we need that desperately. thank you very much. the lack of rain we have been worried about for months is becoming a very real problem. we are seeing the alarming effects in california and you are probably seeing some of the first signs at the grocery store. alan wang with rising prices at the market. >> reporter: in many cases consumers are only getting half the food for the price they paid before the drought. beef is double the price.
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>> the cattle the farmers have held on to, they have limited numbers and that is making the price go up. >> reporter: it is not just meat. it is produce too. even though prices are higher in the winter shoppers are seeing them rise higher than that. >> any berries are $5 for one pound. it has gone up considerably since we had the drought. >> we have been going to berkeley bowl for grains. we are going to perm markets -- personal markets for fish and meat and safe way for small things. >> not everyone can afford these prices. food banks are expected an increase in the next few months. >> it is a perfect storm for food banks. the governor pledged state drought assistance relief. we are pleased with that. >> will it be enough?
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thousands of acres of fruit and nut trees will die because of a lack of water add together food shortage. alan wang, abc7 news. a lot more to bring you. tempers are boiling over. families of the missing malaysia airline jet are taking out their frustrations. do new satellite photos hold the key to finding this missing plane? >> he had the baby held upside down. >> and a near catastrophe on a flight to phoenix. how they came together to save a baby's life. >> and you think you are getting a deal with amazon prime, right? why the company is being accused of cheating. abc news
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they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love.
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it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. heard so much about today have turned out to be another false lead in the search for the missing malaysia airlines plane. chinese satellites caught debris floating in the ocean. but the civil aviation chief says no signs of the missing plane were found at that location. families of the 239 people on board the plane are running out of patience now. several people threw water bottles at airline officials
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and demanded answers. the u.s. is now helping. the f.a.a. and the ntsb today were finally allowed to join the investigation. a fourth person has just died after an explosion flattened two apartment buildings. investigators believe the gas leak caused the blast in east harlem and injured 60 others including two fbi agents who happened to be nearby. nine people remain missing. neighbors reported smelling gas the night before and more so minutes before the blast. a life or death moment for a baby forced a pilot to make an emergency landing and passengers to jump into action. the flight from tampa to phoenix landed in houston when a baby on board stopped breathing and turned purple. two passengers on the u.s. airways flight with medical training jumped into action giving the baby cpr. >> when we heard the baby cry it was a teary moment for everybody.
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the miracle on flight 678. god put those folks on the plane and needed them there to take care of the baby. >> the crew gave the baby oxygen until paramedics arrived. it turns out the men who helped save the baby are a doctor and a cpr instructor. >> incredible. >> is encouraging sellers to raise prices. are you an amazon prime member? they claim a membership to amazon prime provides free two-day shipping on items. an alabama woman filed a a lawsuit in seattle saying vendors are increasing prices to cover the shipping costs and amazon was encouraging it. the free shipping it offers to prime members wasn't free. amazon is not commenting. target apologizes after getting carried away with photoshoping pictures. they were pulled from their
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site, but not before they caught the photoshop fail. it shows teen models in teen bathing suits with awkward gaps out of the thighs and a slice out out of the right shoulder blade. it is fueling the debate on how they market to teens. target is apologizing and working on new images for the site. the villainous rein of arthur chu has come to a close. >> you wrote who is george the second? it is going to cost you how much? $6400 and dropping you to 0. >> that's tongue in cheek. he won for 11 consecutive episodes wracking up $300,000. many didn't like him for his unorthodox style of play jumping around instead of sticking with a category. he said he studied the game theory to increase his odds. he will be back for the tournament of champions and
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you can sigh jeopardy here at 7:00 p.m. he was clever. he figured out how to play the game. >> you can't blame him. he walks away with almost $300,000. >> don't hate the player. >> exactly. let's go to sandhya patel now. >> the wind is not fighting with me tonight, dan and carolyn. remember last night how fierce the winds were? great view and clear skies looking toward treasure island. the flags and the trees are not even moving in the wind. let's check out live doppler 7hd. it is a serene scene and clear skies across the bay area. no fog to speak of now. looking toward the so tro tower -- sutro tower a pretty good view. it is in the low 60s for san jose and half moon bay. east bay hills is breezy, but
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it is mainly breezy in the hills over twenty miles an hour. loaf -- low 50s for napa. these are the areas where the winds have dialed back. the temperatures are running cooler. sunny and mild the next two days. we are going to see near record highs as we hit the weekend. you will see how warm it will get in a moment. there is an expanding area of high pressure. what does this mean with this ridge expanding? the winds are weakening. that's why it won't be as warm as it was today the next couple days. looking at the temperature trend, average high is 67 and still above normal tomorrow at 74. friday about the same. and then you can see a steady climb low to mid80s this weekend. unbelievable. the temperatures will taper dropping back to the 60s. so much cooler on tuesday and wednesday of next week. here is what is coming as we
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show you the 10-day outlook. chance of rain next wednesday and thursday. light, but at least it is a possibility. the temperatures will run lower. tomorrow morning you will need to grab that extra layer. santa rosa and napa. it is not going to be quite as mild with the wends running lower. it is going to be a clear night and a cool one to start off. quickly the temperatures will come up. 74 in the south bay. san jose, santa clara and 75 morgan hill. 73 in redwood city. 67 in half moon bay. mid60s around the sunset district. north bay 73 in santa rosa. nice day in the east bay. inland spots, 75 in livermore. look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast.
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get ready for beach weather. 70s coast side and 80s bay and inland. only to see a cooling trend next week starting on st. patrick's day. a slight chance of rain on wednesday. >> thank you very much. >> following breaking news in austin, texas. police confirm there were multiple fatalities after a car plowed into the dawn town area. -- downtown area. >> we are following it and we will keep you posted on twitter at abc7 news bay area. right now let's turn our attention to sports. >> it i
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the rivalry. clippers and warriors and there was bad blood. in l.a., civilized. don nelson dreamed about the
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backboard pass and there it is. we think that was by accident. the clips picked up danny granger. the clips get the ball out of curry's hands. he went for 20. great highlights here. the bomb for the dunk. blake griffin did some dunking in this game. this is rather pedestrian. look at the spin move. chris paul learning to live with rejection as we all do. at the other end klay thompson fades and fires. he had 26. the clippers take control. this is griffin with authority. pure nasty. the clips win their 9th in a row. snapping the warriors' five-game winning streak. college hoops and stanford and washington state and dj shelton and look out below.
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hoops give this them all they could handle. stanford to the quarterfinals 74-63. throw in some baseball. tim lincecum with another strong outing against the white sox. strikes out three and did allow two runs on four hits. giants score two in the 9th to win. 4-3 giants and the a's fall to kc. when we come back, silver and black misery. their new offensive tackle is gone already. rajer stafford, we hardly new
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raiders' fan. the fry agent tack dash dob -- tackle that agreed to a deal failed his physical. they had concern about his shoulder or had buyer's remorse. as soon as the raiders backed away he returned to his old team the rams and promptly signed a $35 million deal with them. they like his shoulder. can we talk lincoln kennedy out of retire meant -- retirement? the 49ers introduced their latest safety and passing his physical. a contract of $25 million, and that's a nice neighborhood. he says play forget a
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contender was key. >> i wanted to go to a place where they knew what winning was and how important it was to the organization. that's why i am here. hopefully i can be the added piece where we can get to the promise land. >> we shall see. >> abc sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thanks. we will be right back. >> thanks. here is a quick look at that time what we have tonight.
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breaking news in austin, texas. there have been multiple fatalities after a c plowed into a crowd of people in the downtown area. >> 13 people are also injured. it happened close to the southwest festival. we will keep you posted on twitter at abc7 news bay area and our morning newscast.
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>> thanks for being here. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. good night. >> announcer: from austin, texas, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, robert duvall, rachael ray, and music from damon albarn with cleto and the cletones. presented by captain morgan white rum. and now, i reckon, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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